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I like the DH Hill idea, but Lee only gained his 9th division when Hill was promoted and his division thought to be too large for Heth or Pender to handle

The break up of 2nd Corps to form two Corps:

Chancellorsville  Gettysburg
DH Hill's Dvn     Rodes

Early             Early

Trimble(Colston)  Johnson

Hill              Heth & Pender

Lee was sensitive to rank, Ewell and Trimblr were returning from sick list and Lee placed Ewell due to seniority in Command of 2nd Corps
then he gave Hill the 3rd Corps.

Had Lee assigned Stuart to Jackson's Command Ewell slides into Colston's Dvn job  The changes are clean quick and somewhat painless.  Hill might feel slighted, but Ewell, having been gone could not complain too much about Stuart's promotion, especially in light of Stuart's performance  

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