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Don: I probably couldn't agree more. I've often wondered why Lee didn't spend any time "training" his new corp commanders. Did he just throw them into place and hope for the best? I seem to recall that neither of them got high marks from either Longstreet or Jackson.
I likeTrimble as chief of Staff. I think someone mentioned that in a book I read.
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I was one of the posters to talk about Davis taking troops from Lee for Vicksburg.

The strategic situation with respect to Hooker and the AoP, did not force Lee to make the decision to go North.  In fact, after Hooker's jaunt into the Wilderness, he had no stomach for Lee.  On top of that, Hooker lost many regiments that were only 24 month enlistees.

Lee could have waited and tested his new Corps Commanders in a more limited engagement and not try the most agressive operation in his career.

Hill and Ewell proved unworthy in continued operations in 1863 and 1864.  A more limited operation might have clued Lee into that possibility and he could have turned again to Stuart.  I am in no way a big fan of Stuart, but he was a potential Corps Commander.  Then Wade Hampton and Fitz Lee are Division Commanders and Lee is directing:

Longstreet with four Divisions (Hood, McLaws, Pickett, Anderson)
Stuart with four Divisions (Hill, Early, Rodes, Ewell)
Hampton Cav Dvn
Lee Cav Dvn
Pemberton with Arty Reserve
Of Course I would have made Trimble my Chief of Staff

that is just my two cents

VR Don Herko

This is a potentially a winning team against Hooker in a late Summer Early Fall Campaign near the Fredricksburg Area.  

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>  Exactly, this man was a Corps commander - a third of the ANV - with no per 
> se, controlling hand. Indirectly, there are 3 Division commanders in 
> control, and Marse Robert has enough on his plate beside directing tactical 
> directions to the 3rd Corps. If Hill is that sensitive to his illness, why 
> not bring up a temporary Corps commander (vis a vis - Newton replacing 
> Doubleday - Union side). Hill was untested in Corps command, what does Lee 
> have to lose. (Also - per Peter's post - Hill contracted a venereal disease 
> as a young cadet at West Point, on a jaunt in New York City.)
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> Where is Hill? That is the question throughout the Battle of Gettysburg? His 
> body was there, but he doesn't seem to be a factor at all
> during any of the fighting. As a Corps commander he should be right on top 
> of things, but that does not seem to be the case.
> Take a look at any of the fighting his III Corps is involved in here, and 
> you find that Hill does not seem to be involved in any of it.
> Nancy Householder
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