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    For anyone interested - there is a video (2 hours) in length on C-Span - 
with Brian & Tom Clemens discussing Antietam (about 40 minutes into the 
video), made in 2002.

Tom B.

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> was flabbergasted that a man who was esteemed in the C.W. community, took
> the time out to help me in this quest - Brian was truly one of a kind !!!!
> Regards, Tom B.

He sure did.  There's story after story of Brian going out of his way to 
help someone or answer a question.  Never did one of my emails to him go 
unanswered for very long.  We shared a common interesting Buford, Keogh, and 
the cavalry.  I dedicated my first book (2006) to him in his memory, as I 
cherished our conversations and his willingness to help any time.

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