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I think it is weird that the M-113 is built by a refrigerator  company.
A  Loyal Neo-Anti Unionist,

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I'll never forget my General Defense Plan site,  digging in my four M113s 
just before the Cold War was over in  1990.

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Speak for yourself.
They took  us in a room once a year ans showed me a place in Germany I was 
supposed to  defend. We thought defend meant die.
We did it because we WERE civilians  privileged by fellow other civilians 
to wear the uniform.
I cannot believe  you posted this and sorry I gave you the  oppurtunity.


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>You're exactly right (for once). 
>We wear  our divinely-ordained superiority lightly and look on all other 
American  fighting men and women with benevolence.
>I'm not sure  civilians understand  that.
>26ª11'56"N    81ª48'19W"

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