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That raises an interesting question.  How often did people switch sides in
the CW, and then actually fight for the other side?  Are there any
statistics on this?

In certain wars, notably WWII Eastern Front, this was a major problem.
People switch sides depending on who they thought was winning...

But I hadn't heard much about it at G'burg or the CW in general.



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<<  I've held one of those guns on Cemetery Ridge (thank you very much!) can

you tell us about the other?  >>

It's a Pattern 1853 Enfield Rifle Musket, manufactured in Birmingham for
export to either the US or CS, carried by a Private in the 21st Mississippi.
He fought in every battle that Barksdale's Brigade took part in through
Chickamauga, where he deserted.  His home town was just outside of
Vicksburg, so perhaps that had something to do with it.  Interestingly
enough, after taking the Oath of Allegience and being released, he enlisted
in an Indiana cavalry regiment, which either didn't know about his
Confederate background, or didn't care, and was back in Vicksburg when the
war ended.

Jim Cameron
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