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Mon Jan 30 22:13:52 CST 2012


I did some checking with Katie Lawhon about an esteemed member's query about the markers moved for the Cyclo lot (she'll get me a list which I'll post when ). She reminded me that the park blog gave more detail than the WTOP piece does about what is in the park's smart parking plan. . The smart parking plan will not become operational until AFTER ALL of the park lots are filled, including the overflow lots on Taneytown. That INCLUDES the Cyclo Center and old VC lots. Those lots will remain through 2013. All of this is simply the park's efforts to deal with the expected surge of visitors in 2013, the sesquicentennial of the battle. 

Going beyond what Katie told me in this particular e-mail, I'd like to remind people that there will always be some parking there. As with a lot of other considerations, the NPS has to balance between the ideal and the practical. The ideal would be a pristine restoration sans parking spaces. There was a lot of discussion of this during the development of the GMP. One point was generally accepted. There had to be some parking for visitors to the National Cemetery since it was too far to expect many visitors to walk from the VC lots. As the result of that discussion there will be a limited space for parking (I'd have to look up the final numbers but I believe it includes some bus space) for visitors to the National Cemetery. 

This sort of parking system has been used at the Farm Show complex in Harrisburg for quite a while now for big events. It is simply a way to reduce congestion and hot tempers by directing people away from parking lots that are full and avoiding long waits to get into a lot only to find that no spaces exist. It has its share of critics. People like to pull right up to the building and get out. There's a finite number of such spaces and they fill up fast and often go to HP spaces and other priority spaces. 

It will be interesting to see the plan in operation. 


Margaret Blough 

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