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<<  Could you explain this in more detail? 

Harper's Ferry didn't make "production" pieces? So a gun wasn't able to shoot a projectile from the ones at Harpers Ferry? 

What is meant by "model" pieces? Did they have to be shipped to another location then for completion (which I assume is then Springfield)?  >>

While it was operational, Harpers Ferry handled most of the experimental and design work.  When a new rifle or musket was developed and reached the point at which the design was standardized for production, a series of "model" guns would be made.  These provided the "official" specifications for all the various parts.  The model guns would certainly shoot, but they were really made as examplar pieces. (Instead of being marked with a U.S., a model gun would be marked U.S.M., for United States Model.) Complete sets of production gauges were also produced , to go along with the model guns.  Every manufacturer would be provided with a model gun, for reference purposes, and one or more sets of gauges.   

Jim Cameron

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