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A more important "research facility" would be the Washington  Arsenal, now 
Ft McNair.  Lincoln and Stanton were very frequently down  there inspecting 
new weapons or possible submissions from vendors.
Many times Lincoln would go down to the South Lawn and Ellipse  and fire 
new weapons into the swamps beside the Wash Mon.  What was the new  name of 
the pre-Winchester- my ADHD is kicking in.  He fired it into the  swamps.  No 
record of hitting a sumptuous duck or goose. Duck!   Yummy!
And Lincoln loved going down to the Navy Yard and watching  them fire new 
weapons down the Anacostia. 
Far more important for testing was DC.
The stories abound of Lincoln always being besieged by  inventors with new 
weapons and nonsense stuff, even outside his bedroom camped  out all night.
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So we can think of Harper's Ferry as a type of  research facility?

The only modern example I can think of is vehicles  (of course, every 
product has to go through something like this).  I go  to a car show and see 
"concept" cars from Ford, Toyota, GM, etc.  They  are not in production yet.  
Once they get all the kinks worked out, they  are sent to the various 
facilities for full production but the design and  development of the new models is 
done in one location (Harper's Ferry) until  proven.  

I think I understand now.  Thanks for taking the  time.


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Harpers Ferry was a "Model Facility", which means they made  the "first 
item" (or model), in this case, guns. Just to make sure  that the design would 
work, and to develop the standards,  tooling and checking fixtures for the 
production shop, which would then  reproduce the "first item" by the 
At least, that's how it works  today.

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