GDG- 1841 Springfield rifle????

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So we can think of Harper's Ferry as a type of research facility?

The only modern example I can think of is vehicles (of course, every product has to go through something like this).  I go to a car show and see "concept" cars from Ford, Toyota, GM, etc.  They are not in production yet.  Once they get all the kinks worked out, they are sent to the various facilities for full production but the design and development of the new models is done in one location (Harper's Ferry) until proven.  

I think I understand now.  Thanks for taking the time.


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Harpers Ferry was a "Model Facility", which means they made the "first item" (or model), in this case, guns. Just to make sure that the design would work, and to develop the standards, tooling and checking fixtures for the production shop, which would then reproduce the "first item" by the thousands.
At least, that's how it works today.

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