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Harpers Ferry was a "Model Facility", which means they made the "first item" (or model), in this case, guns. Just to make sure that the design would work, and to develop the standards, tooling and checking fixtures for the production shop, which would then reproduce the "first item" by the thousands.
At least, that's how it works today.

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Could you explain this in more detail?  

Harper's Ferry didn't make "production" pieces?  So a gun wasn't able to shoot a projectile from the ones at Harpers Ferry?  

What is meant by "model" pieces?  Did they have to be shipped to another location then for completion (which I assume is then Springfield)?


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Harpers Ferry only made the pattern or "model" pieces.  It didn't make any production pieces.  Manufacture was at Springfield, with some limited contract production by D. Nippes, and L. Pomeroy. 

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