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<<  But how would I ensure that the gun remains in good condition, as I think it is in great shape now. I am not sure I can go the route of having a custom built case with UV protected glass and keep it in a humidity controlled environment and limit its exposure to the outside air, but apart from that, is there something that should be done on a regular basis? At some point, perhaps this will be possible, but I am not sure I want to limit all access to handling the gun as there are times you just have to handle it or allow visitors the opportunity to handle it.  >>

Chances are if you're comfortable, so is the rifle.  A thin film of light gun oil on the metal parts should pretty much do it.  Keep the stock clean, but avoid too much oil on the wood as it can cause oxidation over time.  Don't handle it any more than necessary.  One of the biggest causes of damage to old guns is fingerprints.  Also, never, ever snap the hammer on a bare nipple.  Without a percussion cap is will batter the nipple, and might just break the hammer in half.

Jim Cameron 

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