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<<Is this cemetery close to Valley Forge? Something sticks in my mind that on our way to Valley Forge a couple years ago, we tried to find this but had no such luck (pre-GPS days). I recall wanting to see some cemetery with a Civil War connection close to Valley Forge, but honestly do not remember exactly was we couldn't locate it.>> 

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Andy:  Depends on what you mean by close - but yes, not too far.  It is in Norristown along the Schuylkill River.  Zook, Hartranft and Slemmer are buried there also.  The cemetery was allowed to decay for years.  The Historical Society of Montgomery County owned the Hancock tomb site, but not the cemetery.  They purchased it about 12 years ago and have been trying to restore it every since.  I'm on the board of the HS and have been involved in helping with the restoration since about 1995 before the HS purchased it.  



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