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Same here about the address book.  He did love LBH. I remember at a CS CW Forum reunion at Gettysburg, he and another Forumite who also was an LBH student, spent most of one dinner off by themselves intently discussing where ammunition had been found during the archaeological studies at LBH at what this meant. 

My best moment with him was when I accidently helped him identify when a member of the 5th NY died and where he was buried (The 5th NY reenacting unit, which was another of Brian's passions, was trying  to make a record of this for all of the members of the original regiment and the veteran regiment).  It was accidental because I posted to him on the CS CW Forum about a story my sister had sent me from Pound Ridge, NY about the local garden club  decorating the grave of a M edal of H onor recipient as their that year's annual Memorial Day project. I did it only because Brian loved stories about efforts being made to honor veterans graves.  I didn't think anything more of it, because the recipient mentioned , 1st Sgt. Thomas J. Murphy, who received it because of his actions at Five Forks, was correctly identified as belonging to Company G of the 146th NY at that time . Brian replied, thanking me profusely . It turns out that Sgt. Murphy had originally enlisted in the 5th NY to help fill its decimated ranks after Second Manassas.  When the 5th NY was mustered out, he and a number of others had time left on their enlistments. Like him many transferred to the 146th NY because it was also a NY Zouave regiment.  Based on the article, we were able to determine that the reason that there was no record of Sgt. Murphy's death in the military records was that he died a childless widower so there was no one to report his death and apply for a survivor's pension.  Brian was so thrilled that one of the 5th NY's lost lambs had been found. 



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I miss  Brian more than I can articulate. 
To this day, I have been unable to bring myself to remove Brian's name from 
 my computer address book.  I frequently had email discussions with him   
about a variety of CW topics and also about the Little Big Horn.  The last   
time I saw Brian was in connection with a LBH conference out in Montana where   
both he and I were acting as guides for particular spots on the LBH 
Battlefield  (Brian was handling the tour groups at the "Keogh" position, of 
course, and I  was doing Last Stand Hill).   

Bruce  Trinque 
Amston, CT 
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