GDG- 1841 Springfield rifle????

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Mon Jan 30 11:24:21 CST 2012

<<  Further on this rifle. The owner says it is a converted flint lock to cap
and ball and is a 1841 Springfield. If I understand correctly, it was
converted at the Harper's Ferry armory.

If that makes sense, what would this weapon actually be called, and was it
commonly used during the CW?  >>

Yes, that makes sense.   In fact, it's exactly what I suspected he'd end up having.
The musket is a US Model 1840.  They're actually somewhat uncommon, because they were only made for a few years, at the tail end of the flintlock period.  The 1840 was basically an update of the previous Model 1816 Musket, with among other things a slightly thicker barrel, in anticipation of their being rifled at some point in the future.  As indeed some were.  The design also formed the basis for the Model 1842 musket, which was basically an 1840 made as an original production percussion musket.  Most 1840 muskets were not only converted to percussion cap ignition, but, were probably never even issued as flintlocks, going right from production, to storage, to conversion.
These converted flintlocks were widely used during the CW, particularly during the first couple of years.

Jim Cameron

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