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Is this cemetery close to Valley Forge?  Something sticks in my mind that on our way to Valley Forge a couple years ago, we tried to find this but had no such luck (pre-GPS days).  I recall wanting to see some cemetery with a Civil War connection close to Valley Forge, but honestly do not remember exactly was we couldn't locate it.


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I have been cleaning out some old papers and just found a packet of information that Brian sent me on Hancock.  He was always worried about Hancock's grave and Montgomery Cemetery in general.  I wish he could have been around to see how the cemetery has been brought back and restored.  I know he would have been thrilled with the restoration of the gatehouse.  I had a marker placed in the cemetery with Brian's name as a supporter of the cemetery a few years back.  

If any members are ever in the area and want to see the cemetery, privately email me.  Though we have a lot of work to do, we have come a very long way.  


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