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In fact, Britain remained officially neutral (not that it didn't push the envelope at times, as the US had done during the Napoleonic Wars) throughout the war).  I remember hearing Brian discuss this (I think it was during one of his "History Meets Hollywood" lectures).  He said the costume person had already purchased the red uniform jacket and, as you said, had fallen in love with it.  The bone Ron Maxwell threw Brian was Freemantle's garb during the campfire scene which was based on a description, IIRR, from someone on Longstreet's staff.  Freemantle shared the tent of  Maj. Raphael Moses who was most impressed with the fact that Freemantle never removed his boots during his whole two week stay with them, having gotten the boots  so wet that he was afraid that he couldn't get them off and, if he did, he couldn't get them back on. Moxley Sorrel was very impressed with Freemantle (and Sorrel didn't impress easily) but mentions during his description of Freemantle during the Battle of Gettysburg that he didn't think Freemantle changed his clothing or his boots during his whole stay (so much for a change into dress uniform). 

I miss Brian more than I can articulate. I got to know him pretty well through the CompuServe CW Forum. 



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> I agree with JD...entirely likely. 
> What was *not* likely was Freemantle wearing a "red coat" in the film!! The 
> Coldstream Guards wore blue. [I think I recall hearing that "the movie 
> makers" felt that his wearing blue would have confused the audience.] 
> Bob Pielke 

Actually, Freemantle would not have worn any military garb (and did not - while in America he wore civilian clothes).  To wear a uniform would have meant that the British sanctioned the Confederacy and were allied.  No agreement had yet been formalized, so while in this country (North or South) Freemantle wore nothing but civilian clothes. 
Brian Pohanka made that point during filming, and tried to get the producers to not have Freemantle in uniform - but having him in uniform looked "pretty" on screen and Brian's expert opinion was trumped. 
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