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I agree with JD...entirely likely.

What was *not* likely was Freemantle wearing a "red coat" in the film!! The
Coldstream Guards wore blue.  [I think I recall hearing that "the movie
makers" felt that his wearing blue would have confused the audience.]

Bob Pielke

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> So my question is: did Freemantle actually walk around with a cup /
saucer, or is this Hollywood making a stereotype of the British?
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He very well could have.  There are lots of accounts of officers on both
sides who packed fine china, linen, silverware, etc. to be used even while
on active campaign.  It seems to have been pretty common during the CW.  And
during the Mexican War, Winfield Scott always had his fine silverware, china
and glassware handy to be used in his tent each evening for dinner.  So I
would have no doubt that a proper British officer would have the fine china
along for "tea time."
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