GDG- 1841 Springfield rifle????

cameron2 at cameron2 at
Mon Jan 30 08:29:41 CST 2012


I'd have to see a picture to know exactly what your neighbor has.  Springfield Armory never made Model 1841 rifles.  All production was by weither Harpers Ferry, or various contractors.  There were numerous alterations to the 1841 rifle, involving various combinations of upgraded sights and adapting it to take a bayonet.  I'd have to check my references to be sure, but I'm not sure that Springfield did any.  In any event, I've never heard of an altered 1841 rifle being called a Springfield.  They're still Model 1841, and if altered collectors generally refer to the specific conversion.

Are you sure it's an 1841 rifle?  There are some smoothbore muskets with 1841 dated lockplates.

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