GDG- 1841 Springfield rifle????

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I don't have the book at the moment (it is at home), but when I got my 1861 Springfield, I was given a book that referenced the various arms used during the Civil War.  

If no one answers this before then, I will see if I can find any information on this rifle and let you know, hopefully tomorrow.  


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A neighbor has a rifle that supposedly was used during the CW which he says is an 1841 Springfield.  Cannot find that weapon listed, but there is the following listing online:

Model 1841 U.S. Percussion Rifle (National Armory alteration) Altered by Harpers Ferry Armory and Springfield Armory; c. 1855-1860. Total altered about 8,879. Alteration consisted of reboring the barrel to 58 caliber, and replacing the ramrod by an all steel type having exaggerated trumpet head profile without brass tip.

If my neighbor's rifle falls into the above category, why would it be called a Springfield rifle?  Did these rifles take the name of the armory where they were altered?  Also, were they used during the CW, and how common were they?

Tom Ryan

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