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Andy Mills amills at
Mon Jan 30 07:50:46 CST 2012

My family regularly bikes the battlefield, but if the battlefield is so full of tourists as to make parking an issue, I would never recommend to anyone that they bike the battlefield as the cars pay no respect to the bikes, especially on West Confederate Avenue and as you get close to the Angle, they just pull out without regard.

We usually bike before and after peak season as we had one too many close calls of people looking at monuments and the ground while driving and not paying attention.  Granted, you have this anytime while biking on the battlefield, but with thousands less cars during the off-season, there is a lot more room for both cars, bicycles and Segways (which is, to me, a nice way to tour the battlefield).....


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or walking or riding bikes.

A few of us had a good walk around Chickamauga a few years ago.


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