GDG- Harry Heth and the First Morning at Gettysburg

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   With the advantage of hindsight - every time I read a book on the first 
day - I almost cringe when I read that quote. Harrison (The Spy) spoke - and 
the ANV became totally animated (with good cause, I agree), but supposedly 
Pettigrew & Young were looked at practically derisively. My take - if you 
disbelieve them (CSA officers no less) - at least proceed with some degree 
of caution, just in case they're correct. I wonder if Hill , at the time, 
advised Lee of this sighting (seems to me important enough info - right or 
wrong) and if so, what was Marse Robert's reaction. After receiving 
Harrison's information on the 28th/29th of June (pick your historian) - why 
wouldn't this info be any less important to Lee. Hill's call - and IMHO - he 
dropped the ball.

Tom B. (who is a big fan of the man in the red shirt - up until Gettysburg)

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Aahh, Louis Young and and his great remark when telling Hill it was the AoP 
in front of them, "They listened, but they heedeth not." Six words but it 
captures the Confederate arrogance perfectly.



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