GDG- Harry Heth and the First Morning at Gettysburg

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Sun Jan 29 20:47:17 CST 2012

<<  He would have done better to regret the wasting of two brigades in
an ill-conceived, hasty attack based on false beliefs, the drive to be
approved by his superiors, and his impulsive nature."   >>

Is sending in the two brigades seen as ill-conceived because of the outcome?  Suppose Reynolds' two brigades were half an hour later arriving.  Archer and Davis blow through Buford's screen, and Heth reaches the town.  Would we be calling such an advance well conceived, if it had accomplished its purpose?  As to being hasty, Heth didn't put the two brigades on line until he'd already been pushing the Union force back for quite a while just by skirmish line action.  Since he had no means by which to recon beyond the opposing force, yet at the same time, nothing to suggest it was strong enough to resist an advance by two infantry brigades (which in fact Buford's force wasn't, until Reynolds' infantry came up), sending the two brigades forward when he did might well be seen as a timely decision.  I have a hard time seeing how Heth's actions thta morning can be considered to have been implusive.

Jim Cameron

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