GDG- Harry Heth and the First Morning at Gettysburg

Tom Ryan pennmardel at
Sun Jan 29 18:53:15 CST 2012

<<I'd suspect that given the fact Heth had not just his own division, put
Pender's behind him and a good deal of artillery, that there wasn't much
concern about his being able to handle any outriding cavalry he might
encounter.  As indeed he would have.  Infantry was of course a different
matter, but even there, after having suffered a reverse, Heth was under no
immediate threat and, as I've said, reacted appropriately in awaiting
further orders before renewing the action.>>

Given that, it is instructive to read the author's conclusion which comes
down pretty hard on Heth:

"General Heth's lifelong guilty burden was, as at a minimum, about the wrong
thing.  He would have done better to regret the wasting of two brigades in
an ill-conceived, hasty attack based on false beliefs, the drive to be
approved by his superiors, and his impulsive nature."

This conclusion takes into account Heth's military performance prior to

Tom Ryan

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