GDG- Harry Heth and the First Morning at Gettysburg

Tom Ryan pennmardel at
Sun Jan 29 18:43:09 CST 2012

<<On those same lines - I believe it was 2 regiments that encountered
Buford on either the 29th or 30th of June at Fairfield  (brain-drain) -
wouldn't that have been reported to Hill/Lee, giving an in indication that
the AOP was close to/in the area.>>

Tom B.,

Good point.  Those were Heth's regiments (Mississippians, I believe) that
Buford ran into on the 29th at Fairfield, and reportedly a pretty good
skirmish took place.

Undoubtedly that would have been reported up the line to Heth, Hill and Lee,
and was another indicator that Union cavalry were on their way towards
Gettysburg (verified on the 30th by Pettigrew).  Even though there still
seemed to be some skepticism on Hill's part.

As Jim Cameron pointed out, apparently the primary concern of thses
commanders was whether any infantry was in support of this cavalry.

Regards, Tom Ryan

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