GDG- Harry Heth and the First Morning at Gettysburg

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Sun Jan 29 15:52:02 CST 2012

<<  I tend to agree with your analysis. What is puzzling is why did Lee and
Hill did not foresee that, even though their scouts reported the Union army
had not gone north of Middleburg, MD as yet, Meade would have had his
cavalry out looking for Lee's army. That seemed to be fundamental, yet Heth
reported that Hill, therefore Lee, was not that concerned about what Heth
would find in Gettysburg. Not to mention that apparently Lee, Hill and Heth
reached that decision despite the additional information supplied by
Pettgrew's eyewitness account that Union regular troops confronted him the
previous day.   >>

I'd suspect that given the fact Heth had not just his own division, put Pender's behind him and a good deal of artillery, that there wasn't much concern about his being able to handle any outriding cavalry he might encounter.  As indeed he would have.  Infantry was of course a different matter, but even there, after having suffered a reverse, Heth was under no immediate threat and, as I've said, reacted appropriately in awaiting further orders before renewing the action.

Jim Cameron 

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