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>As Margaret pointed out, the old parking lots  aren't that large 
>anyway, and  they are useful only for those who  want to stay around 
>the high water  point or  the National  Cemetery.  They get filled very 

Well, these two spots, plus  the nearness to town with all its 
amenities, make these prime parking  spots, and that's why they fill 
up so fast.
Have you walked to town from these lots?  I have, and they aren't that  
"near."  I don't see anyone parking there and walking into town.  I  was the 
only one I've ever seen do that.  The FT can drop you right in the  middle of 

And as you walked back to that  spot you were right in  the middle of 
the town and activities, not an oultet  mall.
No, I wasn't.  Gen Pickett's Buffet is at the edge of the battlefield  on 
Steinwehr.  It's not in the middle of anything.
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