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Sun Jan 29 12:45:43 CST 2012

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>As Margaret pointed out, the old parking lots aren't that large 
>anyway, and  they are useful only for those who want to stay around 
>the high water  point or  the National Cemetery.  They get filled very fast.

Well, these two spots, plus the nearness to town with all its 
amenities, make these prime parking spots, and that's why they fill 
up so fast. Eliminating parking because there is a demand for parking 
doesn't make much sense to me. There are the two lots by the VC and 
they can hold a number of cars.  In addition, there is the spot for 
overflow across the road.  I think they can hold a number of 
vehicles.  It makes a lot more sense to utilize this first before 
dumping folks out of town.

>This past November   I had to park on the street behind Gen. 
>Pickett's Buffet to get to the  National  Cemetery because the lots 
>were completely full for the Dedication Day   ceremonies.  Those 
>lots didn't help that much.  Had the proposed  line  been 
>established I would have parked in the Outlet and taken the FT to 
>the   Cemetery.  As has been pointed out, this plan is ONLY for 
>additional  parking
>for the VC and doesn't affect driving on the battlefield at all.

And as you walked back to that  spot you were right in the middle of 
the town and activities, not an oultet mall. There will never be 
enough parking at Gettysburg and that is why I am opposed to removing 
those lots and dumping folks five miles outside of town.

Out through the back door of Picketts Buffet  I ran,
Out where the cars were conveniently parked
I caught a good one. It looked like it could run.
Slipped behind the wheel  And to Devils Den I did ride


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