GDG- Gettysburg battlefield to install 'smart' parking - WTOP Mobile

128thpa at 128thpa at
Sun Jan 29 12:32:48 CST 2012

<<I am not in favor of dumping 
people 5 miles outside of town, >> 


You reminded me of something else with this Dennis.  In the winter they run every hour - but parking probably isn't a problem in town in the winter months.  However, in the summer or at least on Remembrance weekend they were running every half hour IIRC.  You start dumping people miles out of town with a pick up every half hour and you are going to have crowds of people waiting going and coming.  What happens if people are still waiting to get picked up when the hours end? 


I think there is a lot of planning that needs to be done before implementation.  You leave too many people stranded for too long a time and there won't be too many of those estimated 4 million people ever returning. 



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