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Sun Jan 29 12:31:56 CST 2012

As Margaret pointed out, the old parking lots aren't that large anyway, and 
 they are useful only for those who want to stay around the high water 
point or  the National Cemetery.  They get filled very fast.  This past November 
 I had to park on the street behind Gen. Pickett's Buffet to get to the 
National  Cemetery because the lots were completely full for the Dedication Day 
 ceremonies.  Those lots didn't help that much.  Had the proposed  line 
been established I would have parked in the Outlet and taken the FT to the  
Cemetery.  As has been pointed out, this plan is ONLY for additional  parking 
for the VC and doesn't affect driving on the battlefield at all.
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Al Mackey
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My  suggestion was  the NPS  needs to reconsider removing the 
old  lots and consider  the possibility of using the old visitor 
center  lots for multiple purposes.  I am not in favor of dumping 
people 5  miles outside of town, and I think the only reason it is 
being suggested  is the insistence of those old parking lots must be 
removed, and I  question the wisdom of that.

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