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Dennis Lawrence denlaw at
Sun Jan 29 12:07:07 CST 2012

At 11:57 AM 1/29/2012, you wrote:
>You can take the Freedom Transit downtown from the new VC.


     Yes, they could take the freedom transit to the visitor center, 
and maybe it will drop them off downtown  from the visitor center  or 
maybe they have to go back to the outlet and get picked up and then 
go downtown and go back to the outlet mall to get their  car to drive 
around the field again.  I suppose it can do a lot of things and I'm 
sure there are many plans for providing service.

   But the problem is they don't need to be out there in the first 
place.  My suggestion was  the NPS  needs to reconsider removing the 
old lots and consider  the possibility of using the old visitor 
center lots for multiple purposes.  I am not in favor of dumping 
people 5 miles outside of town, and I think the only reason it is 
being suggested is the insistence of those old parking lots must be 
removed, and I question the wisdom of that.

Take Care



Let me tell you the story  Of a tourist named  Charlie
Who got on the freedom transit at Gettysburg One day

  Did he ever see the field?  No he never saw the field.
   He may ride forever  Twixt the VC and Outlets
      He's the man who never saw the field


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