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The question was the southernmost engagement involving units of the Army of 
 Northern Virginia.
You lose.
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As most of you know, I am pretty sticky about being  exact with  my facts.

Went in wiki, unrelable as it is, and looked  up the  coordinates of Ft 
and Brownsville.

Brownsville is  25'55"49'N.

Ft Myer is 26'37"54'N.

Palmito Ranch is upstream on  the Rio Grande so I would be put  that N W of 

So  I win!

Unless you want to include an incident where a few Rebs  took  potshots of 
the garrison of Ft Zachary Taylor (I love forts)  Brownsville is the  

WARNING:  If I get a bug under my  bonnet about a certain  fact I will hunt 
it down until my dying  breath.

I really don't think wiki could screw up   latitudes.

Yay!  I win! I win!

;-{)    !!!!

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