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Dennis Lawrence denlaw at
Sun Jan 29 11:01:49 CST 2012

At 10:46 AM 1/29/2012, you wrote:
>One of the big complaints I've heard are people who want to go to 
>the VC/museum but either can't get a parking space or get it in the 
>farthest reaches and don't want to walk.

      And this is an example of what I said about the little 
attention given to parking.  Building a VC that does not provide 
enough parking  was a mistake, but with a little planning, that could 
be overcome without having people park 5 miles away.

       The overflow lot on Taneytown Road could be linked to the 
visitor center through the old fantasy woods.    Why not a tram 
system from there and from the existing lots by the old visitor 
center and the Neutra  Architectural Memorial Center  through the old 
Fantasyland woods to the new VC?  Tourist returning from the visitor 
center could  walk downtown to the shops and to the attractions there 
rather being dumped off in a shopping mall 5 miles from the battle .

Rather than making decisions that have to fit around the plants to 
remove the existing parking lots, a little more thought should be 
given to using them rather than having a tourist park in a shopping 
mall miles away.You is a vague pronoun.  Avoid using it in formal writing.

Take Care


Well, the last thing I remember, Doc, I started to swerve
And then I saw the  lots were full  up to the verge
I know I'll never forget that horrible sight
I guess I found out for myself that everyone was right
Won't come back from  The Outlet Mall

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