GDG- Guess what? I win!

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You know, since Southmost, the sourthern most town in the contiguous 48, is 
just by brownsville, you have to be correct.

I defense od Florida, the southern most fort was Dry Tortugas.


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> As most of you know, I am pretty sticky about being exact with  my facts.
> Went in wiki, unrelable as it is, and looked up the  coordinates of Ft 
> Myer
> and Brownsville.
> Brownsville is 25'55"49'N.
> Ft Myer is 26'37"54'N.
> Palmito Ranch is upstream on the Rio Grande so I would be put  that N W of
> Brownsville.
> So I win!
> Unless you want to include an incident where a few Rebs took  potshots of
> the garrison of Ft Zachary Taylor (I love forts) Brownsville is the 
> answer.
> WARNING:  If I get a bug under my bonnet about a certain  fact I will hunt
> it down until my dying breath.
> I really don't think wiki could screw up  latitudes.
> Yay!  I win! I win!
> ;-{)   !!!!
> A  Loyal Neo-Anti Unionist,
> Peter
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