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>>Unless someone is a formidable enough hiker that parking in the satellite 
>>lots won't be a problem, even if you park on the old VC & Cyclo Center 
>>parking lots, your question of how people will get around won't change. 
>>Yes, those two locations help if your objective is the High Water Mark but 
>>it does squat for almost all of the first day's battlefield and much of 
>>the remaining two days as well.

My nightmare scenario is being in the park around four in the afternoon, say 
around BRT and the Devils Kitchen, and I am ready to leave.

But I don't have my car and the last bus just left, because of shortened 

Sure, I'll make it back, but if I had had my car, it would be a lot easier 
aand In would not be stumbling around in the dusk.

I have seen nothing to show me that this will not happpen.



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