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I think Brownsville gets the prize for southern most land  battle.
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Out of curiosity, do you know the  southernmost? Chickamauga  maybe?


26ª11'56"N    81ª48'19W"

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> It was also the  northernmost engagement ever that involved elements of  
>  ANV.
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> According to the  authors of 'Civil War Harrisburg', there was  a  
> skirmish  between advance elements of Jenkins cavalry and two  regiments  
> of NY militia at Sporting Hill, between Mechanicsburg and  Camp  Hill,  
> on June 30th. After this action, confederate  troopers  evidently  
> retreated towards Carlisle, suffering  16 killed and at  least "20 or  
> 30" wounded carried  away.
> There may have been  confederate scouts closer to  Harrisburg, but this  
> seems to be the  closest engagement  to the  city.
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