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Sat Jan 28 18:39:20 CST 2012

Nature abhors a vacuum.
The only historian to run the park has left, and the bureaucrats are oozing 
in -the same mentality that allowed tees to grow all over the park because 
it was now  a "national park".
These guys show how up every generation or so and restamp the field in their 
image and likeness.
Then they fade into the insubstantiality they were formed from.
There was obviously no thought behind traffic control involved here.

I cannot wait for the first NPS ranger ghost tour.


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> On 29/01/12 9:32 AM, Dennis Lawrence wrote:
>> The destruction of parking spots will lead to a parking crisis that will
>> be one of the excuses to eventually ban cars, and and we will all be
>> standing in line waiting for shuttles.
> or walking or riding bikes.
> A few of us had a good walk around Chickamauga a few years ago.
> Kerry
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