GDG- Gettysburg battlefield to install 'smart' parking - WTOP Mobile

Dennis Lawrence denlaw at
Sat Jan 28 16:32:43 CST 2012

Once the lots reach capacity, the system will activate electronic 
message signs installed along U.S. 15 to direct drivers to an 
overflow parking area at The Outlet Shoppes at Gettysburg. Visitors 
will be directed to The Outlet Shoppes only after additional lots 
fill along Taneytown Road near the National Cemetery. From The Outlet 
Shoppes, Freedom Transit buses will offer free shuttles to the visitor center.


   And what will they do when they get there? ?  If their car is in 
the outlet mall, how will they get around?

The parking lots on Taneytown Road by the destroyed historic  VC and 
the Neutra Memorial Architecture Center are needed, and shouldn't be 
torn up to present a Faux restoration of the field.

In great fields, something abides, but not after decade of earth 
moving and asphalt. Its gone forever. Get over it an let me park.

  The destruction of parking spots will lead to a parking crisis 
that  will be one of the excuses  to eventually ban cars,  and  and 
we will all be standing in line waiting for shuttles.
Bus stop,  wet  day,  she's there waiting I say
Please share my umbrella
Bus stops, bus goes, we stay,  line grows
Waiting to see the Wheatfield....

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