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Sat Jan 28 15:25:27 CST 2012

According to the authors of 'Civil War Harrisburg', there was a  
skirmish between advance elements of Jenkins cavalry and two regiments  
of NY militia at Sporting Hill, between Mechanicsburg and Camp Hill,  
on June 30th. After this action, confederate troopers evidently  
retreated towards Carlisle, suffering 16 killed and at least "20 or  
30" wounded carried away.

There may have been confederate scouts closer to Harrisburg, but this  
seems to be the closest engagement to the city.

Btw, confederates are said to have stopped for BBQ on their way out of  

Bill in Indy

On Jan 28, 2012, at 9:59 AM, CWMHTours at wrote:

> I wonder how close the Confs got to it while they were up  there.   
> Don't
> recall any storiues of the fort firing it's  guns.
> P.S.  I wanna go find that BBQ place.  It looked  good.
> A  Loyal Neo-Anti Unionist,
> Peter

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