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Yes John-
I have submitted a CW map of DC and the forts to the  gdg.  If you see 
where the traacks run they O&A tracks ran in almost a  straight line down Wilkes 
I wondered how they got the locos through the tunnel.  It  does seem awful 
A  Loyal Neo-Anti Unionist,

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When I first moved to Alexandria  around 1976 I lived on Wilkes anduse to
walk thru that tunnel almost every  day when going to work at Chadwick's on
the waterfront.  My  understanding is that they used smaller engines to go
from the wharves thru  the tunnel.  They probably connected to the other
railroads near where  the Masonic Temple is.   When I owned a house on
Walnut St (west  end) it was very near the area where many railroad workers
lived that  loaded and unloaded goods from western virginia and there were
still two  families on Walnut that were engineers on the 0range &  
routes and whose fathers had also been engineers on those  routes.

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> Esteemed GDG Member  Contributes:
> Very interesting. Thank you.
>  Regards,
> George
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> > Esteemed GDG Member Contributes:
> > Andy  brought up the procedures of supplying the  armies.
> >
>  > At the risk of boring people with another DC story there is   something
> > mildly weird in Alexandria.  Along the Potomac is  a small ridge  maybe
> 15-20
> > feet high.  I think  it is millions of years old alluvial silt  deposits
> from
>  > the Potomac flooding when the water level was higher.
>  >
> > On Wilkes St there is a tunnel through it where the  other  streets go
> over
> > it.  Always wondered  about it then I found out that before  the CW the
> > tracks of  the O&A RR ran through the tunnel to docks on the   Potomac.
>  During the
> > war vessels would come up and  offload directly into  the freight cars 
> > the stuff  shipped directly out to the Union armies.   Then there were
>  some
> > hospital cars that would be pushed through the  tunnels,  placed onto
> barges
> > where steam tugs would  move them up to places like Balt or  Philly.
> >
> >  How much H Haupt had to do with this I don't know.  They  would  load
> > freight cars onto the barges- they would be loaded  perpendicular to  
> hull of
> > the barge. From there  they would be sent to Fredericksburg or City  
> > where  they would be put back on the tracks.
> >
> > By @ 1863 the  tracks of the B&O were extended across the  Potomac into
> >  Alexandria and connected with the O&A.
> >
> > Hope you  find this story interesting.
> >
> > A  Loyal Neo-Anti  Unionist,
> > Peter
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