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THNX George-
I see you don't despair of Jack and still have  hope.
You hope to remember that in Jack's world the rivers run  backwards?
;-{)   !!!
A  Loyal Neo-Anti Unionist,

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Very interesting. Thank  you.


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> Andy brought up  the procedures of supplying the  armies.
> At the risk of  boring people with another DC story there is  something 
> mildly  weird in Alexandria.  Along the Potomac is a small ridge  maybe  
> feet high.  I think it is millions of years old alluvial  silt  deposits 
> the Potomac flooding when the water level  was higher.
> On Wilkes St there is a tunnel through it where  the other  streets go 
> it.  Always wondered about it  then I found out that before  the CW the 
> tracks of the O&A  RR ran through the tunnel to docks on the  Potomac.  
During the  
> war vessels would come up and offload directly into  the freight  cars 
> the stuff shipped directly out to the Union  armies.   Then there were 
> hospital cars that would be  pushed through the tunnels,  placed onto 
> where steam tugs  would move them up to places like Balt or  Philly.
> How  much H Haupt had to do with this I don't know.  They  would load  
> freight cars onto the barges- they would be loaded perpendicular  to  the 
hull of 
> the barge. From there they would be sent to  Fredericksburg or City  
> where they would be put back on  the tracks.
> By @ 1863 the tracks of the B&O were extended  across the  Potomac into 
> Alexandria and connected with the  O&A.
> Hope you find this story interesting.
> A  Loyal Neo-Anti Unionist,
> Peter
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