GDG- Memoir of post-battle visits to Gettysburg

Tom Ryan pennmardel at
Sat Jan 28 07:53:51 CST 2012

<<That "large body of cavalry" would seem to have either been McIntosh's
or Gregg's brigade since on the 4th, Pleasanton had told Kilpatrick to take
his division to Emmittsburg where he would find Huey's Brigade waiting,
which had been brought over from Westminster to be ready to pounce on any
of Lee's trains moving south via Hagerstown (Coddington, Pg. 544). Given
that Huey had already deployed that far south, it would seem strange that
the brigade would then be pulled all the way back to Gettysburg simply to
report to Gregg for orders.  But with Pleasanton, one never knows.
      However, it would seem that the "large body of cavalry" must have
been one of Gregg's brigades and Shantz had the wrong date of July 8 for
when he saw the cavalry.Matt,

My guess also is that it may have be part of Gregg's division.>>


Thanks for your input on this.

You may be right about that, since Irvin Gregg's brigade captured a large
number of Rebel prisoners that were straggling along the Chambersburg Road,
and these had to be escorted back to Gettysburg.  What Dr. Schantz may have
seen were these cavalry contingents of Gregg's getting ready to return to
the brigade.  There are reports of this activity in the OR.

Regards, Tom Ryan

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