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Turned out to be a nice day after noon but so windy.  We've been lucky
weatherwise this winter

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> Esteemed GDG Member Contributes:
> Today I had reason to go to DMV in Alexandria and took the  Yellow line
> subway which at the Potomac rises up out of the tunnel, goes over a
>  bridge,
> and then goes back underground before stopping at the Pentagon.  I  was
> lost
> in thought when I realized that I was looking at the grave marker over  a
> mile away on the hill at Arlington of John Gibbon and those of others.   No
> leaves.  Pretty cool.  Usually you can't see them from the  subway.  As
> Americans we are lucky to have this capital city.
> (John Grim,  I couldn't stay down there or I would have  called you.)
> A  Loyal Neo-Anti Unionist,
> Peter
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