GDG- 75th Reunion in Gettysburg in 1938

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You may also want to get Ken Burns's last chapter of his  series.  He 
spends some significant time going into the post-war experience  and heritage.  
That film strip of the old vets shaking hands over the wall  and making the 
Rebel Yell is one excerpt.
Also, go into Grand Army of the Republic which was the Union  social 
fraternity after the war.  Should be a lot of interesting vignettes  there.
Also, Sons of Union Volunteers and Sons of Confederate  Volunteers.  They 
may have something to offer. 
A  Loyal Neo-Anti Unionist,

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>What do I need to know about this  reunion, and what questions should I ask
>this gentleman (who I guess is  in his 80's or 90's)?

Hopefully Chris Army will let his wife  Alyce know of this request in 
time for you to make contact with  her.

She is an authority on this.


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