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On Jan 27, 2012, at 2:12 PM, John Lawrence wrote:

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> Lee was a Lee of Virginia. 
> Hi people had been of Virginia be fire their was a United States. They hailed from a place so remote it was once bombaeded by pirates.
> To the Lees, Virginia WAS their country.
> Lee entered service in the Confederacy not out of treason nor did he hold allegiance to the Confederacy. He e was a Lee OF Virginia. Lee entered the service of the Confederacy to serve Virginia only.
> So when Lee took his forces north, he did it only to spare Virginia. He cared not if the Confederacy died. 
> Virginia must be spared.
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> Jack
> dherko at wrote:
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>> John,
>> that is exactly the shortsidedness of Lee's strategy he convinced Davis to support.
>> Crops are planted in the Spring and harvested in the fall.  Lee could not possibly stay up North for that length of time.  He could not have possibly protected Virginia's corps for an enitre planitng season.
>> As for Vicksburg.  By late June, Vicksburg was gone.  Once Lee convince Davis of a course of action, the garrison's fate was sealed.  Had Lee won on July 3rd (before he really planned to fight Meade) Pemberton had surrendered, he was just trying to negotiate a better deal.
>> Until Grant came East, there was not a Northern General that could lace Lee's boots on the tactical battlefield.  Lee however, fought for Virginia and Vriginia alone.  He completely failed to understand the implications of losing Vicksburg.  He was resistant to send troops to the Carolina coast, did not want Longstreet to go to Chickamauga.  He was myopic on Strategy, he protected Virginia and Virginia was in the fight until the end.
>> VR
>> Don
>> ---- John Grim <jgrim1941 at> wrote: 
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>>> Esteemed Members
>>> Most of us know the usual facts of Lee's advance in June towards
>>> Harrisburg.  I subscribe to the side that believes Lee went north to take
>>> the war away from Virginia so crops could be harvested and replanted and
>>> that troops might be drawn away from Grant and that there might be
>>> political advantage to be gained.  I cannot picture Lee being successful
>>> east of Harrisburg with the river at his back and having to contend with
>>> Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington and its forts as well as the various
>>> units of the Union army gathering around him.  Yes, militia units were not
>>> regulars but they can picket railroads, bridges, guard POW's and generally
>>> get in the way.  Lee's communications and supply lines would be extended
>>> further and further and he would be further away from the protection of the
>>> mountains and their passes.  As it was it took him 10 days to get back to
>>> Virginia from Gettysburg.  He may have been able to live off the land near
>>> Harrisburg but where would his munitions and replacements come from??  How
>>> long could he stay away from Richmond with only Corse and Jenkins covering
>>> that area?  I just don't see it but I am willing to consider other
>>> opinions.  Lee's operation was not a go for broke.  He had limited goals
>>> and limited expectations.   Getting his wounded back to Virginia would
>>> probably have been impossible from east of Harrisburg and he probably would
>>> not have gotten his Gettysburg wounded back.
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