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You are right
Organized bucktails
Staunch abolitionist
He was also friends with Brigham Young
Kane County Utah also named after him 
He has a statue in Utah's Capitol building
Best part of Kane's history is that he fought alongside Candy on Culps Hill
Geary had Candy-Kane lost on Baltimore pike and they missed July 2 action
I like saying Candy-Kane

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> Another quasi related Civil War story of the area, although it is about 40 miles from Benezette, is a visit to Kinzua Bridge ( ), which was originally built by General Thomas Kane (whom has a town named after him a few miles from there).  His home is also a bed and breakfast, called Kane Manor, in the town of Kane, which is quite an impressive home.  I believe he was the person responsible for organizing the original Bucktails, but please correct me if mistaken.  
> If you have extra time, I would suggest a visit there.  Although about 1/2 the bridge was destroyed in a tornado in 2003 (and as luck would have it, the state was in the process of stabilizing the bridge just as the tornado hit the very center of it, bringing down the couple of supports not yet strengthened).  You can still see the fallen supports in the valley.  They did recently re-deck the portion of the bridge still standing and put in a glass bottom so you can look down, all 301 feet to the valley below.  You can still get a good feel for the marvel of this bridge but unfortunately, can no longer cross the entire structure.  Years ago, we took a train across the bridge and have a very humorous tale that occurred that day.  
> That is about the only other Civil War related story I can think of (I am not sure if it is technically Civil War related, but if you admire General Kane [sorry, I get confused if I just use his last name, due to the town also being called Kane]), this is a must see site or if those pesky elk refuse to come out.  
> On another treasure related aspect, there is also said to be a stash of gold buried within sight of the bridge left there by a bank robber who never was able to come back and claim it.
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>   Thanks Andy - I'm jealous - we love your area - and the folks are really nice (they don't hunt & eat tourists - that's a good thing ;-D) Visitor's center is awesome - but the crowds are getting worse each year we go. 
> Whoever thought you could see elk in the wild in Pennsylvania. And you're right - it is the Caledonia Pike. Had no idea of the Civil War related matters in the area, makes it that more enjoyable. Civil War related - the Bucktails were a tough bunch - derived from the lumber industry etc. - if we ever move - PA's the place - Gettysburg,Lancaster, Benezette - a dream land of my hobbies. = (Civil War-Food-Elk).
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