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The site seems to be in need of repair.  The only pictures I could find were here:  

Being B&W, it makes it little hard to tell, but it does seem to need some attention.  


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Was there the summer of 2002 before the bridge came down - an incredible feature.  Thomas Leiper Kane was born in Philadelphia - yes he helped to raise the 42nd Pa.  His brother is the Arctic explorer, Elisha Root Kane who wrote a well received book on his travels.  Elisha is buried in Laural Hill Cemetery.  IIRC, Thomas Kane had been buried there one time as he died while in Philadelphia and then was moved to Kane, Pa.  Thomas Kane was named after I believe his grandfather, Thomas Leiper who was an inventor. He is created with building the first documented railroad on his estate.   The family estate Avondale, is right outside Philadelphia and can be toured.  A family of overachievers. 

Also, Duncannon was mentioned - if anyone goes definitely check out the Sled Works -   It is an antique place with an old fashion soda fountain that makes great milkshakes. 

Also the last operating ferry across the Susquehanna (at least it was a few years ago) is at Millersville on the east side.  I can't find a website for it, but according to wikipedia it was still running in 2011.   I tried to take it once - but as we arrived, a lightening storm came through the area and thought better of it.  Millersville University has a very interesting campus with lots of history.  


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