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IMHO. Gettysburg was about as far out of the valley as Lee cared to go.
Should he (unlikely) have dislodged the AoP any pursuit could only ended IP as a disaster for the ANV


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>Tom R:  If this is the lengthy response to which you are referring, which I did read entirely, and then again, and to be sure, yet again, I can't find any mention of how far north Lee was prepared to go, in a physical, geographical sense. 
> You answered my original question in the first paragraph. So it's very likely that my AADD kicked in shortly after reading it. (OOOH LOOK! A PUPPY!)
>Never mind though, TB's  response  came close.
>("As it turned out, Gettysburg wasn't far enough...")
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>My understanding of Lee's intent regarding the invasion was to capture an
>important town or city.  The capture would be sufficient to embarrass the
>Federal government, and impress potential foreign allies such as Britain and
>France.  There was no need to hold the captured location for any length of
>time in order to accomplish these goals.
>One of Lee's objectives was to motivate the Northern population to press
>Washington to bring about a peace settlement, and the capture of a major
>city or town would fit the bill nicely along those lines.
>It should also be noted that Lee wanted to lead the Peace Democrats
>(Copperheads) and others who favored a settlement with the South to believe
>the South was serious about ending the war and reuniting with the North.  As
>he mentioned to President Davis in his proposal along these lines, there
>would be no intent to actually rejoin the Union once a ceasefire/settlement
>was reached.
>It appears that Lee was being more than a bit devious in this respect.
>In a lengthy and revealing message to President Davis on June 10, 1863 (as
>the invasion was about to get underway), Lee made a number of observations
>of how the war could be won by other than debilitating military means.  The
>following excerpt sums up Lee's approach:
>"Should the belief [in the North] that peace will bring back the Union
>become general, the war would no longer be supported....  When peace is
>proposed to is not the part of prudence to spurn the
>proposition...[to] those who wish to...believe...that it will result in
>bringing us back to the Union.  We entertain no such aspirations...the
>desire of our people for a distinct and independent national existence will
>prove as steadfast under the influence of peaceful measures as it has shown
>itself in the midst of war."  See OR, 27, III, pp. 880-82.
>Suggest you read this entire lengthily message.  It is one of the most frank
>and revealing missives that Lee wrote during the Gettysburg Campaign, and
>perhaps during the entire war.
>Regards, Tom Ryan
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>I've read a couple of posts where the esteemed member insisted that Lee did
>not intend to hold Harrisburg if he did in fact assault and take it.
>I don't know if it was more than one poster or only one several times.
>question is, does anyone think he would have attempted to hold it? I don't
>think anyone has put forward that POV, but I might have missed it.
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