GDG- A little clarification please.

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Well, Lee personally never was going to Harrisburg. He did direct troops there as part of a larger diversion to draw the AoP out of his rear.
It was a raid designed for that purpose.
I do not recall saying there was to be no action there.
It us the aggrandizing of the action I was refuting.

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>So Lee was going to Harrisburg after all? I believe you're had an epiphany! Hope reigns!
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>> Not that it makes a difference, but that is my take also.
>> Regards,
>> Jack
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>>> I tend to favor the notion that Harrisburg was a decoy to draw Union forces out into the open. I absolutely believe that Lee would have  sent forces into the city, primarily to destroy railroad  infrastructure, damage manufacturing operations, capture supplies, and  generally create further panic in the north, but holding the city was  never an option. I believe there was a relatively small window of  opportunity for the ANV to operate in Pennsylvania.
>>> On Jan 26, 2012, at 2:13 PM, keith mackenzie wrote:
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>>>> I've read a couple of posts where the esteemed member insisted that  Lee did not intend to hold Harrisburg if he did in fact assault and  take it.
>>>> I don't know if it was more than one poster or only one several times.
>>>> My
>>>> question is, does anyone think he would have attempted to hold it? I don't think anyone has put forward that POV, but I might have missed  it.
>>>> thanks
>>>> K.
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