GDG- "Lee's Illness Lost Gettysburg"

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Did Lee claim that at gettysburg.

Did he claim it at North Ana?

Or did others make these claims for him?

Because he chewed their butts??

I have to say that a commander who admits he was to unable to lesad until 
after the battle is not wagingwar, he is committing murder.

This is all Faulknerian Lost Cause fantasy; more apologies for a leader who 

And no, I am not damming Robert E. Lee. Just pointing out the pitfalls of 
deifying mortal flesh.
I do the same with Lincoln.



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> Isn't this the same reason claimed he failed to attack on the North Anna 
> in 1864?
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> I cannot see an army commander not functioning because of health, unless 
> he was comatose.
> If he was healthy enough to tell Longstreet to quit his whining, he was 
> healthy enough to command.
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