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My apologies for asking this very same question to which you answered.  

I had about 200 GDG emails this morning and was asking questions before I got to the end.  I should have waited before asking as I am sure someone was about to explain it before I had even asked it.

So my apologies for needlessly filling everyone's inbox (and I understand the irony of this email as well, but I sent a couple today that would have been answered had I waited)...


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   That bridge was slightly north of the Rockville Bridge. Some of its piers still stand; one has a (smaller!) replica of the Statue of Liberty on it. The statue was erected in 1986 originally, made from venetian blinds.
(!) After it was destroyed in a storm, it was rebuilt with stronger materials.

    Can't answer the second part: good points.

 Interior of the covered bridge:

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